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Cooperation Among International Medical Institutions

This platform aims to establish a sound development mechanism for medical industry associations and medical institutions all over the world to promote the cooperation & exchange with CNMIA and over 510,000 non-government medical institutions in China. Main services include accreditation & evaluation of medical institutes, telemedicine, international referral, brand management, and cooperation and exchange regarding medical service.

  • Accreditation and evaluation

    By cooperating with world-renowned accreditation institutions, IMECC and CNMIA help third-party national medical institutions advance in brand building, hardware management, staff administration, operation management, medical quality management, social influence, etc. Main granting parties include JCI, ISO, MEJ, CPSA & JCCP.

  • Telemedicine

    Taking the advantages of cooperating with international medical institutes, IMECC & CNMIA integrate global medical resources & synchronously share advanced medical technologies. With the help of computer technologies & artificial intelligence, tools such as real-time voice & image communications improve medical diagnosis, introduce medical costs & raise the utilization rate, which meet more patient needs & provide a wider space of communication for the application of modern medicine.

  • International transferal

    IMECC tries to establish convenient green channels for international referral so as to provide professional and efficient referral services for patients worldwide. The Platform takes the role of a green channel for international medical institutions saving lives of patients who are in need of international medical services.

  • Brand management & cooperation and exchange regarding medical service

    IMECC also promotes system-wide and brand-oriented management of hospitals by fully integrating global high-end medical resources. It helps patients exchange ideas with top international medical institutions & industry experts face-to-face, helps medical institutions systematically introduce & promote the theories and experience of advanced hospital in operation, management and providing services, and further helps them enhance management, & build outstanding medical teams so as to achieve efficient operations and enhance their competitiveness.